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Your pitch deck for your consulting should be a reflection of your experience and expertise. Here are three tips to help you. Spend the time to find out more about the companies you may like to work for before you submit your pitch. If you’re not familiar with them, they are Deloitte, RRB Advisors, and Get-Funding-Ready UpWork. They all have distinct needs and can all benefit from a pitching consultation deck.


If you are in the process of developing an innovative product or business plan, you can rely on an UpWork Consulting pitch deck specialist. The freelancer must have extensive knowledge and experience as well as be proficient. In addition, he or she should have experience pitching VCs and small VC funds, as well as external angel investors. The UpWork Consulting pitch deck specialist will work closely with you to develop the perfect pitch for your business idea.


The first step in preparing a pitch deck for consulting firms is to make sure that all content in the deck is backed by data. Without evidence the argument is nothing more than gibberish. Utilize statistics, hypothetical data and other visuals to back up your assertions. Your slides and decks should be simple to read and concise. They should convey the message in the shortest amount of time. Here are some suggestions to create a compelling pitch deck.

A good pitch deck for consulting must be engaging to the target audience. If the audience isn’t as interested in the specifics of the services that the consultant provides the PowerPoint presentation shouldn’t be lengthy and boring. Include valuable content at end of the presentation. To boost the brand’s popularity, add the logo of your company on each slide. The Deloitte Consulting pitch deck example below offers a sample of what an ideal consulting pitch deck would include.

When creating a pitch deck for consulting, it’s crucial to concentrate on building relationships with clients. Deloitte consultants are of various types, so it is important to design pitches that reflect all three types. Deloitte stresses the importance and advantages of having excellent customer service skills as well as business development skills. These elements won’t help you stand out in the crowd if your pitch deck doesn’t concentrate on them.

Deloitte’s consulting pitch deck

This PowerPoint template is designed for the Deloitte consulting pitch deck. It contains outstanding slides as well as the four-scenario matrix, which is in green and grey. It shows how the slides should be organized and presented. It should be consistent in design and layout, with a small margin around each slide, and the same spacing between paragraphs. When creating a consultation pitch deck, there are some aspects you should keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember when creating your pitch deck is to ensure that it is data-driven. Arguments become gibberish without evidence. You can make use of statistics or hypothetical data, or even a case study, but the goal is to prove your point with evidence. It can be presented using tables, diagrams, or charts. Titles are the most important takeaways from each slide. Your titles should convey the most important message in the shortest amount of time.

These slides can be used to create your own captivating presentations. McKinsey and Deloitte both use storytelling formats to attract their audiences. The use of custom illustrations cuts down the necessity for text. You can also use the template created by McKinsey and Company. The McKinsey example combines meaty content with beautiful aesthetics. You can make use of data-rich charts and beautiful photos to make your presentation stand out.

There are a variety of dangers for the client. One of these was that they underestimated the value of the project. This was due to their inability to identify the benefits of a quotation. Deloitte did not even mention ongoing COVID-related work done with TSA. If Deloitte was to be awarded the contract, it would have to be very selective and the final decision would depend upon whether the client wants them to hire them.

RRB Advisors’ consulting pitch deck

In this corporate financial advisory firm’s consultancy pitch deck, we explore RRB Advisors’ unique approach to providing customized and accurate financial analytics. Our financial analysts have worked with Fortune 500 firms, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, and other financial institutions across all sectors. They offer a range of financial analysis and consultancy services to help our clients achieve their objectives. Here are the highlights of RRB Advisors’ consulting pitch deck:

Deloitte’s consulting slide deck

The Deloitte consulting pitch deck demonstrates how to build a pitch. It comes with a grey-and-green four scenarios matrix and some excellent slides that show off its expertise. While many consulting firms employ their own developers and Get-funding-Ready designers, some prefer to have them handle it. A deck is a typical tool in nearly all consulting situations and should be formatted consistently.

A consulting pitch deck is not traditionally presented in the way that it is usually viewed by investors. The partners will guide the client through the key slides of the presentation, summarizing their analysis and suggestions. The presentation for consulting is a lengthy process that requires thoughtful thinking, which starts before you open the PowerPoint. It should be brief easily understood, clear, consultant pitch and logical and include only the most important points to help you sell your solution.

To develop a persuasive pitch deck, it is essential to be aware of the differentiators in the types and levels of consultants at Deloitte. There are a few key characteristics that set each consultant apart from the other. The Deloitte consulting pitch deck utilizes storytelling to demonstrate how their services will help clients. The company’s graphics include infographics, icons, and various shades of green.

To make your point clear to make your point clear, the Pyramid Principle is a must in the creation of your presentation content. The pyramid principle can be used to communicate information by first providing the main idea first, and then moving to the specifics. The pyramid principle requires that the title be first read, then the executive summary. This ensures that you don’t squander your time or get-Funding-Ready effort. There’s also an appendix, which is an additional section which contains additional information.


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